Got something you want me to take a gander at? Ask away!

I don’t mind so long as it’s worthwhile, and uh, if I’ve got time for it of course.


6 thoughts on “Requests

  1. IIRC I read that you don’t care much for Heisei stuff, and I know that doing this would just flame the ever-present sub drama, but I really would like to hear a QC/Editor’s perspective on RTA/Excite/T-N takes on Ex-Aid.


    • I like Heisei stuff, it’s just that the last few shows haven’t really “done it” for me y’know? :X And, I mean, I don’t know. I’d rather stay out of sub drama, and Ex-Aid looks pretty lame anyway… Not sure I’d wanna watch the same handful of episodes three times apiece, either. But it’d make for a pretty interesting article here… Ahhh, I’ll think about it. >___< Thanks for the request, at any rate. 'n~n


  2. Could you review something by MegaBeast Empire? Maybe their Juspion releases (preferably the older episodes) in comparison to Janperson, which is newer?


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